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I have deep roots in Gemology, Jewelry and dealing in specialty natural Gemstones from the time of my great-grandfather, 60 years ago.

Passionate in gems, precious stones and jewellery, I am an alumnus of the prestigious GII (Gemological Institute of India).

I hold diploma in Color and a Diploma in Gems, both  from GII.

I realized that my expertise in Gems and Jewelry, coupled with a thorough knowledge of astrology would solve many problems, and with this vision, I studied astrology in the prestigious JTR Astrological Research Institute.

With this vision, I founded Mangalore Jewellers more than 20 years ago.

I have helped 2000+ people solve their problems (including, but not limited, to Money, Marriage, Horoscope Matching, Children, Education and many more) through my vast experience in Astrology and deep expertise in Gems/Jewels/Stones.

For Astrological queries, I need the approximate birthplace, birthdate and birth time.

For Astrological predictions or Information about Gems, Stones and Jewelry, please feel free to Call/WhatsApp me at +91-9833-4627-94 or


Alternatively, you could also leave me a message through the chat window.

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